High standards of behaviour have always been integral to the way we manage our business.

Policy of Business Conduct

Our Global Compliance Framework consists of a number of policies and supporting standards, central to which is our Policy of Business Conduct.

The Policy of Business Conduct defines what it means to represent DITH and translates our Business Principles into the behaviours and actions we expect of ourselves, and that others expect of us too.

We ask that all of our officers, employees, agents, sub-agents, service providers, consultants and intermediaries abide by this policy of conduct.

Key Elements of the Policy

  • Employee Relations
    Health and Safety
    Political Contributions
    Compliance with Laws and Regulations
    Corruption and Bribery
    Anti-Money Laundering
    Fair Dealing
    Supplier Relations
    Customer relations
    Compliance with International Trade Restrictions and Export Controls
    Accounting Practices and Proper Use of Assets

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