DITH is a values based organisation

We recognise that how we do business is as important as what we do.

Our Business Principles describe who we are and what we aspire to be. They frame and guide our work together, inform all our decisions and help us navigate an ever more complex geo-political, economic and regulatory environment.

DITH Principles

Respect is at the core of our operating ethos. We respect the laws and customs of all countries within which we operate. We apply this value in all our dealings with stakeholders, no matter how large or small.


Over our nearly 40 years of business we have strived to be fair and open in every respect.


DITH and its partners share a common goal to operate with integrity.


DITH and its partners honour all contractual commitments, irrespective of market conditions.

Operating Discipline

We apply economies of scale, strong financing capabilities, and superior risk management to facilitate trade, worldwide.

The Business Principles are the most fundamental aspect of our Global Compliance Framework, defining the approach we have to facilitating compliant and responsible trade.

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